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Your Twitter Account Needs Your Attention

R.J. Talyor January 16, 2018

Most marketing teams are assembling budgets for the year, choosing which social channel investments to make for maximum impact. And while Facebook’s audiences have been relatively reliable, there are big changes coming–changes that might take more than a few months to adjust to.

That’s what makes Twitter an attractive channel for exploring social engagement strategies. Twitter users tend to be more loyal to brands and more open to online dialogue. And Twitter’s real-time format encourages the kind of creativity that can help brands stand out. It’s time to pay some attention to Twitter and find ways to make it work for your brand.

Why Twitter now?

Although Facebook has more than two billion users, Twitter users tend to be more willing to engage with brands in real time. About 78% of Twitter users who complain to a brand expect a response within an hour. Providing customers with real-time assistance via Twitter is a solid strategy–because Twitter users are asking for it. Customer experience matters, and Twitter can help enhance it.

M.G. Siegler, general partner at GV (formerly Google Ventures), also believes this is Twitter’s year–if only because Facebook’s most recent changes could shift ad rates. Siegler said Twitter is finally starting to follow a script, “despite seemingly having the script right in front of them for most of their existence.” Again: Twitter users have been telling the platform what they want. Perhaps this is the year Twitter finally begins to listen.

And Facebook–Mark Zuckerberg himself, in fact–is telling users they’ll “see less public content like posts from businesses, brands and media.” Brands have yet to find out exactly what that means, but it will almost certainly require changing social ad tactics. What other social channel is still used by a (however slowly) growing number of consumers?

Twitter does not have the same user numbers as Facebook, or even other social channels like Pinterest. But it does have a large, devoted group of users that demand interaction from the brands they like. If brands want to win more customers and build relationships, they’ll have to diversify their social channels in 2018.