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Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa

Bridget Johnston May 26, 2021

Silly puns aside, creative food and drink choices impact campaign performance. 

Of course, every creative decision matters… Even small ones.

While you’re busy making 35,000 decisions every day, determining creative direction for marketing campaigns can be easy. Data provides insights into performance, and AI predicts how each creative decision will impact your campaigns. 

Let’s take a look at creative performance predictions AI has for everyone’s favorite topic– food.

creative decisions impact campaign performance

Get the full scoop on AI’s predictions in the latest Creative Forecast.

Creative Forecast for Foodies 

Imagine you’re creative directing your next campaign. You need to know: 

  • Where should the photos be set? 
  • How should graphic design enhance ad photography? 
  • And how should you direct copywriting? 

Artificial intelligence can predict the top-performing answers to these questions for your brand. Pattern89’s AI pre-validates creative ideas with over 95% accuracy. This means that your marketing campaigns are set to succeed, before you spend a dollar. 

The latest Creative Forecast answers the aforementioned questions, and hundreds more. Its insights on food include: 

  • Grocery stores and gardens are top-performing settings for image ads. 
  • Bright blue, candy-colored palettes are boosting CTRs. 
  • But super sweet bright pinks are tanking CTRs.
  • The top-performing emoji for brand awareness is ☕. Include it in your copy, if you can!

Keeping these creative insights in mind…

Do Small Decisions Impact Campaign Performance? 

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is:

Every one of a digital ad’s 49,000 creative elements impacts performance. AI is the only solution for identifying the optimal ways to direct each one.

By using the latest advancements in computer vision, combined with Pattern89’s capability to analyze over 500 billion digital marketing data points every day, AI predicts which creative decisions will help and hinder campaign performance. This is why agencies like 3Q Digital are using it to creative direct campaigns for their clients. 

AI’s insights can also boost performance of current campaigns with quick wins, such as: 

  • Copywriting edits: Which words, emojis and character counts will drive more clicks? 
  • Spend allocation: Are audiences interacting with your ads more on one platform? 
  • Ad targeting adjustments: What updates will drive engagement for current campaigns?

Whether you’d like to creative direct future campaigns or make quick adjustments to optimize current ones, AI can help.

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