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[Webinar] Discover Pattern89 for Google

Despi Ross May 9, 2019

The world’s best AI for advertisers is getting even bigger.

Pattern89 has been helping marketers crush their paid social goals on Facebook and Instagram and now the same data-backed direction will be available for Google Display, Search and Youtube.

“Introducing AI for Google ads, along with our AI for Facebook and Instagram ads, provides marketers with more efficient results and less time spent manually optimizing digital advertising,” said R. J. Talyor, founder and CEO of Pattern89. “Our AI has always helped marketers excel in advertising on social media, and we are excited to add these key channels in response to customer demand.”

According to Adobe, 48% of digitally mature brands have an AI strategy and 28% of top performing companies are using AI for data analysis. Pattern89 is committed to finding the trends and outliers that help marketers improve key performance metrics. To that end, a Customer Advisory Board will be guiding Pattern89 as new Google capabilities are added throughout 2019.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in hearing more or getting involved in our CAB, you can watch the webinar below.