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This Week in Social Media – April 13, 2018

Sharmin Kent April 13, 2018

Welcome to Friday the 13th, folks! It’s been an exceptionally busy week in social advertising land: Facebook’s still getting plenty of advertisers, Snapchat is trying to bring chrono back and Instagram’s snagging Snap’s QR codes.

The ‘Book’s All Right

You might have noticed we haven’t said a lot about Facebook’s data drama. That’s because the data Quantifi uses to help our customers is totally separate from the data at issue. We’ll post an explainer in the coming weeks–but wary Facebook advertisers can rest easy.

In fact, Facebook ad spend has actually increased, despite the constantly churning news cycle. Mobile Marketing reports that ad spend increased by 62% on Facebook in Q1. Taking into account that the biggest Facebook stories didn’t break until near the end of the quarter, the spike in spend is a good sign for Facebook and its advertisers. For now.

Snapchat Snaps Back?

Snapchat’s had an interesting year as well: a new UI, algorithm changes and personnel shifts have made Snap a slightly shaky organization. But the social channel is offering some of its users a bit of that old magic. CNET reports that Snapchat has undone some of the algorithm changes for users, giving them back their chronological feeds.

It’s a good thing for users and for Snapchat, which reported growth in Q4 but has still been through a few shakeups in the past couple of quarters. Whether brands would be affected is still up in the air–but savvy brands have already done what they can to engage their Snapchat followers and stay at the top of their feeds.

Insta’s Nametags Compete with Snapchat

Regardless of what Snapchat does, Instagram’s still coming for its ghostly crown. Fortune reports that Instagram is testing what it calls Nametags, an answer to Snapchat’s QR codes. Just like it does in Snapchat, the Nametags feature would allow users to scan a code to follow others.

This has decent potential for brands, as Nametags could give them the opportunity to offer special branded emoji patterns or AR filters. If it takes off, Instagram could deliver on another of Snapchat’s once-exclusive features.

What’s the social media news that’s got you talking this week? Drop me a line at sharmin@quantifi.ai and it’s chat about it.