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This Week in Social Media – April 6, 2018

Sharmin Kent April 6, 2018

Congratulations on making it to the end of the week! As April begins, the social media advertising world is busier than ever. Reddit’s getting its first facelift in ten years, Instagram is backing off the smartwatch market, and Spotify’s getting post-IPO attention from advertisers.

Reddit’s Redo

The front page of the internet just got a major upgrade. The Verge reports Reddit’s rollout of a new user interface is nearly complete, with three different viewing options: a classic view, a Facebookish “card” view and a compact view. Snoo, the site’s mascot, is also getting a makeover.

More than a few Redditors are airing their grievances about the new design, but giving users viewing options is a step toward delivering a satisfying and personalized user experience. It’s also an excellent opportunity for advertisers to track which views their target audiences prefer, and leverage the UI to make their ads more appealing.

Apple Watch and Instagram Break Up

Apple Watch recently upgraded its rules, pushing several third-party apps off its UI. Fortune reports that Apple now requires an iPhone to refresh data, which means many other apps stopped working on the Watch.

Rumor has it that Apple’s hoping consumers will upgrade to the newer versions of the Watch that use LTE data. But it might also be a concession to the awkwardness of using Apple Watch for anything that requires a larger screen. Other programs that no longer work on the Watch include eBay and Amazon, two major online retailers. If Apple Watch can’t make it work with a retailer as big as Amazon, using the device to shop might not be the best idea.

Spotify’s Open for Ad Business

After going public, music streaming service Spotify is hoping advertisers will flock to its digital airwaves. Digiday reports that while premium subscriptions are the service’s bread and butter, it’s taking steps to make it easier for brands to build and distribute ads on Spotify.

The goal is to help advertisers strike the right mood with their ads. But digital audio ads are tricky; and while Spotify ads are significantly less expensive than terrestrial radio, both the service and its advertisers have some exploring to do to find their target audiences. This writer has been a premium subscriber since 2011, but sees the value in creative, mood-matching ads that offer the same vibes as the playlists people listen to. And the upside is that since so many brands haven’t quite figured out how to win at Spotify advertising, it’s anyone’s game.

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