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This Week in Social Media – Feb. 2, 2018

Sharmin Kent February 2, 2018

Happy February! There’s plenty going on in social media land this week: Insta updates are easier for social media managers, Twitter’s getting into the #SuperBowl spirit, and Facebook’s messenger app for kids is getting less-than-positive reviews.

Instagramming on a Schedule

Most social media managers depend on a class of scheduling tools to keep social content flowing. Now, all those hard-working people will have an easier time of scheduling Instagram updates. Social Media Today reports that Facebook has updated Insta’s graph API, enabling business accounts to schedule posts without the hassle of doing it manually.

This might seem like a small thing–but for marketers whose products depend on timely image updates, the API update is a BFD. The update also allows users to manage several accounts from a single dashboard–a dream come true for marketers responsible for several Instagram handles.

Messenger’s Kid Messes

Not everyone’s crazy about making social media easier to access. Marketing Land reports that several children’s advocacy and media organizations are calling for a shutdown of Facebook’s Messenger Kids app. An open letter to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg calls the app and apps like it harmful, stating it “will undermine children’s healthy development.”

It’s hard to argue against the potential negative effects of social media, especially since there are virtually no studies that offer an opposing view. This latest push against youngsters using social media could be the beginning of a larger debate about the overall risks of social media usage.

Twitter’s Digital Super Bowl Pitch

For those of us unenthused about the sportsball match happening on Sunday, there’s another competition to watch. Twitter’s #BrandBowl aims to attract both users and brands to encourage engagement, according to AdWeek. Twitter calls it the “first ever social subscription for users to get TV spots delivered to them on Twitter.” The stakes for #BrandBowl are high, too: winners will receive their awards on Monday via BuzzFeed’s Twitter-only morning show, AM to DM.

Watching Super Bowl commercials has been a pastime for years–it will be interesting to see how much engagement Twitter can facilitate between brands and their target audiences. And since the partnership between the NFL and Twitter has been relatively rocky, this can be a way to smooth it over.

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