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This Week in Social Media – Jan. 26, 2018

Sharmin Kent January 26, 2018

Congrats on making it to Friday! It’s been an interesting week in Social Media World: the v2 of Vine is imminent, Snapchat’s vice president of product is leaving the tech industry, and Twitter’s copycatting another social channel’s video feature.

Re-Do It for the Vine

Remember when Vine was absorbed into Twitter, then disappeared? Lots of folks loved those seven-second videos and still miss them. Well, thanks to Vine’s founder, we might get a v2. TechCrunch reports that Dom Hoffman is contacting Vine stars and social media pros to solicit feedback on the app.

But don’t call it a comeback: Hoffman refers to his new project just “v2.” “Some things will be very familiar to people who have used vine,” Hoffman wrote, “but what we’re planning is equally an homage, follow-up, remake, and brand new thing.” We’ll just have to wait and see how Hoffman’s new app satisfies Vine users’ microvideo cravings.

Snap Ghosted by Product VP

While Vine’s founder is getting a second chance in tech, a member of Snapchat’s leadership is leaving the game entirely. The Verge reports that Snap’s vice president of product, Tom Conrad, isn’t just leaving Snap; he’s turning his back on the tech industry as well. Conrad’s departure is interestingly timed, since Snapchat’s getting scathing reviews of its UI update.

But Conrad insists he simply needs to move on from tech and devote his time to “things closer to art than entrepreneurship.” Good for him. It’s encouraging to see folks follow their dreams.

Twitter’s Gets Snappy with New Feature

Facebook’s borrowed quite a few features from other social channels, and now it’s Twitter’s turn. Bloomberg Technology reports that Twitter is working on a Snapchat-like feature that makes it easier to post videos. The concept isn’t fully baked–and might change significantly before it goes live–but Twitter execs are hoping this video feature will help boost app adoption.

Twitter’s had a tough time securing revenue, and it makes sense that the company would try to copy a popular feature. But with users panning Snapchat, should that be the app Twitter copies? If the goal is to increase user adoption and attract new users, the best thing for Twitter to do is to listen to its loyal users and incorporate their feedback. Couldn’t hurt to try something new.

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