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This Week in Social Media – Mar. 16, 2018

Sharmin Kent March 16, 2018

Congratulations on making it to the end of the week! This week’s social media news signals just how challenging social advertising is becoming for brands and publishers. Pinterest is wooing publishers away from Facebook, a social marketer is suggesting real-world ads, and younger people are ghosting on social media altogether.

Pinterest Piques Publisher Preference

Facebook’s algorithm changes have made its News Feed a tough place for brands to reach audiences, so they’re wandering over to Pinterest. Digiday reports that although Facebook still rules the social ad roost, Pinterest is getting more interest from lifestyle brands.

Pinterest’s user base isn’t nearly as large as Facebook’s, and users don’t interact on the channel as often as they do on Twitter. That doesn’t mean brands and publishers can’t build audiences there, offer exclusive content or recycle existing content. And for B2C brands, it’s certainly worth exploring.

Social Advertiser Suggests Getting Out More

Are your social campaigns getting a little stale? Maybe it’s time to take your advertising outside. An op-ed in AdWeek by AdQuick founder Matt O’Connor details why outdoor advertising can complement social ads. Among the reasons: high traffic and lower incidents of fraud, since it’s kind of hard to hack a billboard.

This idea is intriguing, if only because O’Connor is encouraging brands to experiment with new and otherwise rarely used advertising methods. But audience targeting and user experience might present gaps in attribution. Now, if the billboard were AR-powered, that would be an interesting experiment.

Gen Z Logs Off

It looks like the first generation born into a wired world is eager to cut the cord. Marketing Dive reports that up to 34 percent of people born between the mid-90s and early aughts are swearing off social media for good. And 64 percent of Gen Zers are taking a break from social channels.

There’s been a lot of debate around the impact social media has on people’s wellbeing–and not all of it has been positive. This news could also be a bad sign for brands that rely on social advertising to reach younger audiences. But this could also be an opportunity to discover how to engage Gen Z buyers in ways that aren’t as intrusive as some social ads can be.

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