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This Week in Social Media – Mar. 2, 2018

Sharmin Kent March 2, 2018

Happy March, readers! This week’s TWISM is a little different, since this writer spent the better part of the week in sunny San Diego for Social Media Marketing World. With thousands of attendees, hundreds of sessions and some of the most interesting parties, there was a wealth of lessons to be learned at every turn. Here’s what we’re taking home this week.

Learning from Peers

Social Media Marketing World might be the world’s largest annual gathering of social media experts. For three days, attendees have the opportunity to learn from practitioners around the globe. But the real value this week was in striking up conversations from fellow attendees, discovering their triumphs and challenges, and exchanging ideas.

From niche markets like dance, weddings and higher education, social media has become the most effective medium to engage and reach audiences. And while the sessions were full of invaluable information, meeting people facing the same issues as their peers allowed us to view our own challenges from new angles. Although experts can enlighten their audiences, it’s the conversations between sessions that offered some of the best value.

Repping The Land Down Under

A veritable army of Aussies was in San Diego for Social Media Marketing World. Not only are they some of the friendliest folks anyone could meet, they represented a wide spectrum of industries–including Kara Lambert, an expert in the psychology of social media marketing. Australia’s social media experts were everywhere this week, and they were eager to exchange stories and make friends. If you take a vacation in Australia, you won’t lack for friends in social media.

The First Chapter of Social Media

Brian Solis’ keynote put the past and future of social media in perspective. While the concept of social media is just 20 years old, it’s already gone through nearly half a dozen iterations. Solis discussed the rise of social capital, the concept of trust and its erosion among industry leaders, and how the democratization of information can save social media from peril. The good news is that social media is still controlled by its users–and while social media marketing has ballooned into a billion-dollar industry, we still have the power to determine the kind of virtual world we create for our peers and the next generation.

The challenge, however, is ensuring that social media marketing is guided by principles and rules that serve the greater good. Learning about the history of social media from one of its architects helped paint a picture of what social media marketing can be in the near future.

What kinds of social media news had you going this week? Email me at and let’s chat about it.