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This Week in Social Media – March 30, 2018

Sharmin Kent March 30, 2018

March has flown by, and it’s been an eventful month for social media. As social channels put emphasis on closing the gap between interest and purchase, brands are taking opportunities to turn social channels into storefronts–with varying degrees of success. Snapchat’s having another not-great week, and Twitter’s helping its users go live at the right moment.

Pinterest Partners with Home Depot

Pinterest is seeing a mini-surge in popularity, particularly from retailers. Home Depot is partnering with the social channel to help users shop more easily. AdWeek reported the debut of Shop the Look, a new visual discovery feature that allows Pinterest users to find accessories and other items that match the collection a user is browsing. It’s a nifty feature for shoppers looking to find fixtures and furniture for entire rooms, rather than clicking around a website or Pinterest board.

eCommerce through social channels hasn’t had the best track record–remember when Twitter launched its buy now feature?–but Pinterest’s use case is as close to perfect as it’s gotten so far. The real test will be how other brands use this feature to attract and engage Pinterest users–and to get them to drop real money on their wares.

More Layoffs at Snapchat

Snapchat began the month by laying off a good portion of its engineering team. It’s ending the month with more layoffs–this time among its ad team. Mashable reports that about 100 people will be laid off to “moderate the growth” of the team.

Snapchat’s been in the news for less than great reasons recently: from a critcally panned UI update to controversial content featuring Rihanna, the social channel has been fighting an uphill battle to keep users. What will it take to turn things around for Snapchat? It’s a question that doesn’t seem to have an immediate answer.

Twitter Goes Live with New Video Feature

Finding the exact right moment in a video is a little easier now for Twitter users. The Verge reports that Timestamps allows users to note specific parts of videos to share with their networks. It’s a common enough practice that Twitter’s enhancement update has a wide range of uses.

For brands using Twitter to advertise, Timestamps can point out particular ways to use items they sell, offer how-to videos and much more.

Another potential upside of Timestamps is the ability for brands to use it to interact with prospects and customers who want to share particular video clips–making it easier for brands to pinpoint what portions of videos receive the most conversions.

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