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This Week in Social Media – Nov. 24, 2017

Sharmin Kent November 24, 2017

Happy Black Friday! While brick-and-mortar stores are weathering a weekend-long storm of bargain hunters, this writer is (wearing yoga pants, a hoodie and cat slippers while) working. Special shoutout to the social media managers engaging their brands’ shoppers in real time this weekend. You totally deserve to take Tuesday off.

The kickoff of the holiday retail season is a great time to watch brands develop innovative social engagement campaigns, get a first whiff of holiday memes and learn from missteps. We’re just a few hours into the day, but we’ve already got examples of all three.

McDonald’s Subheader Here

Writing copy and posting it in real time always requires a delicate balance of speed and attention to detail. Which is why McDonald’s, of all brands, should know better than this:

The Next Web has a screenshot in case the tweet gets deleted–but, at this point, McDonald’s should just leave it be. Hungry shoppers can have a laugh and then pick up some Egg McMuffins.

Snapchat Debuts Promoted Stories

Snapchat’s latest ad option comes just in time for brands to catch the eyes of holiday shopping Snappers. Promoted Stories presents Snap with a new way to generate revenue–an exceptionally important goal for a newly public company that’s come up short on recent earnings reports.

The Recode piece notes that HBO is the first brand to test the format in the U.S.–an interesting choice for testing the efficacy of Promoted Stories. Maybe targeting holiday binge-watchers will help bump Snap’s ad buying goals.

REI Stays Outside

Sometimes the most innovative social media campaigns become brand staples. That’s what REI is banking on with its #OptOutside campaign:

The trend of closing stores to enjoy the long Thanksgiving weekend has grown into more than just a slogan: it’s become a call for shoppers to take a break, too, and explore the great outdoors. The REI #OptOutside page features no products, instead inviting visitors to share their stories of exploring with a list of other activity-related hashtags. For some of us, avoiding massive crowds and taking a breather sounds like a great idea.

What’s the news you’re reading this Black Friday weekend? Email me at and let me know.