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This Week in Social Media – Oct. 27, 2017

Sharmin Kent October 27, 2017

Happy pre-Halloween Friday! This week’s news is a bit scary for Twitter and Facebook, and LinkedIn is leveraging AI to help its users act like they actually want to talk to you.

Twitter Whiffed on User Number Reporting

Twitter’s struggle to drive user adoption and revenue may have gotten a little more complicated. TechCrunch reports that while the company might turn a profit for the first time in its history, its user numbers also may have been a bit inflated. Twitter recently admitted that it counted users of Digits, an app it transferred to Google. The error that might have led to a miscount by as much as two million.

That might not seem like a big deal for an app with more than 300 million users, but Twitter’s had mixed results when it comes to retaining users and realizing revenue from its various advertising programs. It’s just one more black mark on a platform that can’t afford many more missteps.

Agencies </3 Facebook

It’s become more challenging for brands to yield a high ROI from Facebook advertising, and no group has felt that pain more than marketing agencies. Everything from scheduling time with reps to cutting agencies out of the ad process altogether are just two of the gripes recorded by Digiday.

So, how can Facebook and agencies learn to play well together? Facebook says it’s committed to its partnerships with agencies, developing tools like online learning courses and certifications. But if agencies aren’t getting the basic resources they need from Facebook, they’ll have even more trouble serving their clients.

LinkedIn Gets “Human” with Machine Learning

If you’re a regular LinkedIn user, you may have noticed that the platform now offers “smart replies,” machine-learning canned responses to messages. It’s not exactly warm and fuzzy, but it Engadget suggests it offer users a way to manage messages more quickly and efficiently.

The upside of machine learning is that it becomes more refined as more data is fed into it. And users can turn the option off if they prefer to wait until there are more options than just “thanks” and a thumbs-up emoji.

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