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This Week in Social Media

Sharmin Kent September 8, 2017

It’s been a busy week for social advertising, with Facebook and LinkedIn introducing features that could blur the lines between social user interfaces.

Facebook Intros Canvas to Instagram

Social marketing managers, rejoice: MarketingLand reports that Instagram finally has Canvas, the immersive ad format available for Facebook mobile ad creators. Announced more than a year ago, the addition not only widens the format’s appeal–it gives marketers a familiar user experience in a new social channel.

Canvas also has the potential to change the way marketers use creative to attract customers. With both Instagram and Facebook now featuring Story-like ads, target audiences may start to show similar engagement with the creative on each channel. That could mean a little less work for brands that currently use unique creative for each channel.

LinkedIn Launches Audience Network

Professional network LinkedIn is getting into native advertising with its own audience network, AdAge reports. Similar to Facebook’s Audience Network, LinkedIn says more than 6000 advertisers tested the format and saw a measurable increase in unique impressions.

AdAge also mentions that other companies like Yelp and Pandora are introducing similar offerings to brands. With this many ad networks–and with Facebook still keeping the lion’s share of advertisers–will a network so similar to Facebook draw or detract more users?

Despite the initial appearance that many channels are Facebook-ifying themselves, brands that invest heavily in social should still work to make themselves stand out. Following native advertising trends on each channel should be interesting, especially if these networks yield positive, sustainable results.

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