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Reshaping Marketing: Welcome to the world’s first predictive creative performance platform.

Bridget Johnston November 3, 2019

Pattern89 is now the world’s first predictive creative performance platform, reshaping marketing for you.

These latest advancements let the true creatives– real, human marketers– shine, while determining how to make their content perform well and consistently improve. 

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Plan with the answers

Know what works, before campaigns launch. AI now predicts what creative elements– copy, imagery, and more– will lead you to higher returns. 

This advancement is revolutionary. Pattern89 compliments human creativity by enhancing its performance and ensuring it gets the engagement marketers want. It offers unparalleled opportunity to advertisers by analyzing hundreds of billions of data points daily, and providing relevant and timely creative insights. It even predicts performance within 5%.

Predict digital performance within 5% of results.

Predictive creative AI can’t be found anywhere else, and marketers at Ogilvy Social.Lab, Wpromote, and Lids are already reaping its benefits.

Optimize ads more easily than ever

Marketers know that small adjustments in spend and targeting can make big differences in campaign success. That’s why Pattern89’s AI can make these updates faster than ever.

In the click of a button, AI optimizes performance of in-flight campaigns. With this click, Pattern89 adjusts ads’ spend and targeting, based on the insights it gleaned from vast amounts of advertiser data. These data-based insights are always timely, relevant and super impactful, because Pattern89 analyzes hundreds of billions of data points every day.

You’ll get more eyes on, and more engagement with, your marketing content. Users see an average of 21% higher performance in just two weeks… all from a click.

Optimize in-flight campaigns with creative alerts.

Analyze and always improve

Know what works and why it works. Apply those learnings to future campaigns. Reshaping marketing is easier than ever.

Pattern89 analyzes over 2,900 creative elements of every ad, and distills its most-impactful findings for you. In-depth creative analytics will help you learn what’s working best for you, so you can apply learnings to your next campaign and continue to raise your benchmark. 

Understand in-depth creative analytics.


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