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What Are Your Creative Strengths?

Bridget Johnston April 5, 2021

You’ve been training your whole career for this, and now artificial intelligence can power up your creative strengths.

Creative marketers have 49,000 decisions to make for every digital ad they produce.  Pattern89’s artificial intelligence determines the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of every one of these 49,000 decisions. 

We just released our Creative SWOT Analysis game, where marketers can predict the highs and lows of digital ads. You can play the game here, or you can check out today’s top creative strengths below.

discover your creative strengths

Discover your creative strengths, and more, with our Creative SWOT Analysis.

Creative Strengths for Digital Ads 

Creative decision making, no matter how granular, impacts campaign success. Pattern89’s A.I. has analyzed over 350 billion data points on a daily basis to predict the top-performing images, colors, video elements and copywriting parameters will drive performance tomorrow. 

Here’s a look at some creative strengths marketers can tap into right now: 

  • Ad formatting: Single image ads with no people are driving up CTRs on Facebook.
  • Image Trends: Families are driving engagement, particularly in video ads.Consumers are engaging with images of food and drinks. Images of cities are trending up for brand awareness campaigns. Salads are one of today’s top-performing foods in advertising.
  • Color Trends: Shades of teal increase engagement for ads throughout the funnel. Pinks are trending up for awareness and consideration campaigns.
  • Video Trend: Sea life is trending up for video ads, and it performs especially well for conversion campaigns.
  • Copywriting Trends: For brand awareness, Pattern89’s A.I. identified that headlines between 40-55 characters in length, and that also contain the %, will perform best. 

By discovering and leaning into your campaign’s creative strengths, you’ll have more opportunities to connect with potential customers and eventually drive conversions.  

Why Is Digital Ad Creative So Important? 

Creativity provides the largest opportunity for marketers today. The tricky thing is that creative only remains at peak performance for 10.4 days. Even despite increasing privacy and targeting regulations, maximizing your creative gives brands and agencies bigger advantages for being prioritized by Facebook’s algorithms, and eventually connecting with their audiences.

Thanks to advancements in A.I., marketers can predict a campaign’s creative performance… before it ever launches.

Our latest release does just that, with improved functionality and datasets of more than 300 billion data points. By analyzing large datasets of digital marketing trends, Pattern89’s artificial intelligence can predict the creative decisions that will drive campaign success… with over 95% accuracy.

You can try Pattern89’s predictive A.I, for your next digital marketing campaign. Schedule a demo with one of our experts, and learn how you can predict your creative’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Get started now.