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What is the iStock + Pattern89 partnership? And why does it matter?

Partners September 6, 2019

The world’s best AI for advertisers has partnered with the world’s best media library. The partnership promises to unlock creative potential for ads and maximize ROI. 

But what does it really mean for your ads? And how can you use it to fully benefit your paid social program? 

AI discovers what gives your ad ROI unprecedented opportunity.

Pattern89 analyzes billions of advertiser and consumer data points every day, determining what creative ad elements will provide the best returns for your brand. This means that it knows what colors, facial expressions, environmental settings, animals, copy, emojis, and more will deliver you the highest rate of clicks and conversions. Its precision has consistently proven successful for agencies and brands, like Ogilvy Social.Lab and Fabletics

A look at how Pattern89’s AI determines your top-performing ad creative.

After determining what imagery and videos will work best for your ads, marketers need to figure out where to find them.  This is where iStock by Getty Images comes in.

iStock will locate your perfect, ROI-boosting creative in their library.

Pattern89 has access to more social advertising and consumer data than anyone. Because of this unprecedented access and analysis of digital ad data, its AI determines exactly what creative elements will provide the highest ROI for you. Ads and consumer behaviors always change, and Pattern89 can determine your top creative every single day.

iStock has access to over 200 million assets, including videos and imagery. Once dimensions are determined for your campaign’s perfect creative, you can search iStock’s extensive collection and find it. This results in an AI-powered search, that will lead advertisers to their perfect imagery, at every single use.

Here’s how to get started on your journey to maximized creative.

Right now, advertisers can take advantage of both platforms’ insights! 

Pattern89 is offering free AI-backed ad assessments. In two clicks, advertisers will be able to receive a scorecard that analyzes over 2,900 creative dimensions of their Facebook and Instagram ads. It’ll show you what AI can do for your creative. Get yours here.