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What Should Your Headline Copy Look Like This Month?

Bridget Johnston April 6, 2021

When it comes to digital ad headline copy, AI knows– down to the character count– which creative decisions will drive conversions for your campaigns. 

Let’s take a look at the copywriting parameters AI has predicted will win for brand awareness campaigns this month. 

Digital Ad Headline Copy: April 2021 Tips 

Pattern89’s latest release predicts winning creative before campaigns begin. It works for any brand across any industry, and is over 95% accurate. By analyzing 350+ billion marketing and advertising data points, it can determine the top-performing copywriting parameters for any digital marketing campaign, platform or audience. 

For brand awareness campaigns, our A.I. determined the following copywriting parameters to perform well for digital marketers this month:

  • Best headline length: 40-55 characters
  • Special character to include: %
  • Top-performing headline emoji: 🌟

Along with these findings, artificial intelligence can determine the copywriting parameters marketers should avoid. For headline writing this month, creative marketers should stay away from the following:

  • Worst headline length: 60-70 characters
  • Special character to include: ?
  • Top-performing headline emoji: ®️

In addition to the findings above, Pattern89 has predicted winning body copy content, video direction, image tags and color compositions for digital ads. Take a look at today’s top performing creative trends in the 2021 Creative Forecast. 

Predict Your Winning Digital Marketing Creative

How is it even possible to predict winning content? Machine learning algorithms really can see into the future! Here’s how Pattern89’s work for creative and performance marketing teams.

Pattern89 has access to the largest digital advertising data set on earth. It spans 350+ billion data points, across every industry that has advertised online over the last 11 years. 

For every ad in our proprietary data set, Pattern89 analyzes 49,000 of its creative dimensions. This means our marketing artificial intelligence evaluates and understands:

  • Image choices – Color use, presence of people, image orientation, what objects can be detected within your image?
  • Video direction – Length of your video, number of scene changes, how many people are in your video and what emotions are the showing? 
  • Copywriting – Character counts, sentiment, tone, keywords to use, emojis and special characters to embrace and avoid
  • Ad details – What placements and formats should you use to get the most impact?  

Because such an in-depth look is taken for each creative dimension, Pattern89 understands creativity’s impacts on ad performance to very granular levels.

If you’d like to try Pattern89’s latest release for yourself, talk with one of our Product Experts. Schedule a demo today to the winning creative for your next campaign.