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What’s the Week of Wins? And how can YOU win one of our giveaways?

Bridget Johnston October 2, 2018

Our customers have been seeing great success with implementing Pattern89’s AI into their paid social strategy. It’s made us so happy, we want to celebrate with giveaways!

We’re announcing our Week of Wins, which will last from Oct. 8-12. We’ll be highlighting the biggest wins Pattern89 customers have been seeing, AND we’ll be giving away prizes to non-customers too. Learn more on how to win a pizza party, an ice cream social, and a board game prize pack below…

Follow us to see if you’ve won!

Join us online for our celebration! Follow our social media channels to see what our most winning customers look like.

If you want to know who has the most effective use of puppies in their ads, follow us.

If you want to know which ads have been performing OVER 100%, follow us.

If you want to see which ads had the most butt-kicking improvements after implementing Pattern89, follow us!

We’ll be showcasing the biggest, best and most impressive ad campaign improvements all week, so be sure to follow #P89WOW to get the latest scoop.

Non-customers can win our giveaways!

If you’re not a customer, you can still take part in our Week of Wins by winning cool prizes. We’re giving away a pizza party, an ice cream social, and a board game prize pack to three businesses that connect their accounts with us.

Connect your account NOW, to be entered to win. We’ll be announcing the three prize winners from Oct. 8-12, so stay tuned to that hashtag to see if you’re one of them.

It’s #P89WOW, if you needed a reminder. 

How does it work?

First connect with us by visiting the Week of Wins page and going through a few simple forms. You’ll get connected and entered to win in just a couple of minutes. Pretty easy, huh?

Then watch our social channels from Oct. 8-12. We’ll announce our giveaway winners and also highlight our winning customers.

So are you ready to start winning already? Enter our contest, hang out with us on social media, and keep your fingers crossed that you’re one of our lucky winners.