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Why are my Facebook Ads not converting?

Bridget Johnston November 9, 2020

You may feel like you’re doing everything possible to run successful campaigns. But are you still asking yourself, “Why are my Facebook ads not converting?” 

The answer can be quite complex, but Pattern89 has made addressing it simple. Here are three reasons why your ads may not be converting, and solutions on how to fix this problem. 

You’re not seeing the full picture.

Of course you understand your audiences. But do you know every single interaction they have with your ads? What about similar ads that aren’t from your brand? 

A huge amount of consumer data is out there, but unfortunately, it’s too much for humans to understand alone. Luckily for the modern marketing team, artificial intelligence can comb through and analyze billions of data points in seconds. This would take a whole company of marketing pros several lifeftimes to do.

Analyzing your Facebook ad account’s historic data, and cross-comparing it to similar ads and campaigns, will lead to finding statistically significant trends and outliers in your ad strategy and creative.

With the power of AI analyzing all creative data points, marketers can pin-point performance-driving decisions in an instant. Using powerful, AI-based solutions helps you understand all current and historic data points that drive your brand’s performance on Facebook.

You’re not predicting winning creative. 

Stop guessing how a campaign will perform. You can now know a campaign’s performance before it launches.

This means you can predict top-performing creative parameters for future campaigns. AI tracks 2,900 dimensions of Facebook ads, including:

  • Image Direction – Creative direct with confidence. Pattern89 determines what image elements, colors, settings, facial expressions and more will help your campaigns reach their specific goals. 
  • Video Direction – Learn the video lengths, colors, onscreen text and creative assets your ads will need to succeed. 
  • Copywriting – Know what copy, emojis and character counts will work for you.
  • Ad Formatting – Get direction on which exact image dimensions will succeed on each platform and medium.

With unparalleled access to Facebook advertiser data, Pattern89’s predictions are over 95% accurate.

Stop A/B testing. Instead, know with certainty what creative decisions will fuel performance.

There are missed opportunities for in-flight ads.

With ever-shifting news and cultural attitudes, marketers need to be updating ads constantly. Making slight adjustments to targeting and spend can make or break campaigns. 

Along with analysis and predictive capabilities, AI can also keep ads in peak performance. It keeps tabs on how your audience interacts with a campaign once live, and make recommendations on how to make adjustments to reach its ultimate goals.

For example, with a single click, Pattern89’s AI implements optimizations in spend and targeting for Facebook ads. 

Are your Facebook ads not converting? 

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