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How AI Really Works to Raise Your Benchmark Every Day

Bridget Johnston April 24, 2019

You know you’re a skilled marketer, and we know it too. You might be wondering why you’d want to trust AI to help with your work.

Here are a few big reasons on why you should trust our robots, and how they’ll help you do your job even better.

AI Understands Your Ad Data at a Very Deep Level.

When connecting to Pattern89’s AI, you’re allowing algorithms to deeply understand your campaigns. It analyzes over 2,900 individual dimensions of every single ad, so it can thoroughly understand your account. That’s a lot of depth for every ad in your account, and such an extensive analysis saves you the time and effort of doing the same work.

It Understands Billions of Data Points That a Human Would Never Have Time to Understand.

Remember how Pattern89 looks at over 2,900 dimensions of your ads? It also does this to thousands of other ads in your industry on a daily basis. This process finds successful trends that are statistically significant and relevant to you. Once these data-driven trends are found, Pattern89 alerts you of them, so you can implement these findings in your campaigns.

Sounds cool, but want to know how much data it really digs into for you?

It analyzes over 50 billion ad impressions. Yes, 50 billion! No person would be able to go through so much data in their lifetime, and AI does it quickly and efficiently.

Our algorithms also analyze millions of individual ads. Yes, millions! And they’re analyzed to the same depth as yours.

That amount of data, paired with the daily analysis of 2,900 individual ad features, leads to an amazingly in-depth understanding of ad sets that humans would never be able to complete.

AI Makes Your Benchmark Continuously Improve.

This one’s simple. Applying learnings and findings from our AI’s data analysis will help all your ad sets improve. This includes your lowest-performing ad sets. With use over time, the AI’s findings will raise your benchmark as you earn better and better returns on your ads.  

By Analyzing Data Daily, Recommendations are Always Fresh.

You’re aware that trends come and go, and consumers respond differently over time. What works today, might not work next week.

By applying AI-based and data-backed learnings to your digital advertising, your ads will reflect statistically significant updates that were discovered TODAY. Because AI can quickly understand 2,900 dimensions of millions of ads, along with billions of data points, its recommendations are cutting-edge, and they’ll help you reach the custom goals you set out to achieve.

So if you want to spend a lifetime digging through data to learn the best ways to run your current campaigns, you could! It might actually be fun, but it’s not the most productive use of your time.

Instead, we recommend trusting the machines that were built to assist you in data analysis, so you can spend your time doing the other parts of your job that you love. Sign up to try it for free, and see what it can do to help you.