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Bridget Johnston June 7, 2021

AI wrote the terrible title of this blog.

Clearly, humans are much better copywriters.

Considering that fact, why would someone even need artificial intelligence to assist with their copywriting? 

While people will eternally be the best writers, AI copywriting helps our creative endeavors perform. Artificial intelligence predicts future creative performance with over 95% accuracy. This means that it knows what copywriting parameters your ads should embrace and avoid, before you spend a dollar on running them. 

While AI is getting better at writing, it still produces lines like the Frankenstein’ed title of this blog. Let’s take a look at why that’s ultimately a good thing for digital marketers.

AI Copywriting: How Does It Work?

Marketers need to work hand-in-hand with AI, in order to get their best results. Copywriting requires our own creativity. Performance requires a thorough analysis of digital marketing data, of which only machines can do well. 

Hundreds of billions of copywriting data points are available to us. Analyzing one day’s worth of this data will take any human multiple lifetimes to complete. AI can do this in seconds, and it provides the creative insights people might miss. 

In terms of copywriting specifically, this means it predicts the following for any campaign and audience: 

  • Character Counts: Exactly how many characters, and what range of characters, will get your audiences to engage with your ads? 
  • Special Characters: Are there specific special characters (like @, $, or %) that will increase or decrease engagement? 
  • Emoji Use: Which emojis do your audience members engage with most? 
  • CTAs: AI knows what CTAs will get your brand’s highest CTRs for any campaign.

What Trends In Copy Does AI Know About Today? 

Every stage of the marketing funnel has different predicted trends. Here’s a look at the copywriting trends AI says will provide the most clickable campaigns right now: 

  • Optimal Headline Length: 45-65 characters
  • Top-Performing Headline Characters: @ 
  • Headline Emoji: ✋
  • Body Copy Length: 190-200 characters
  • Top-Performing Body Copy Character: @  
  • Body Copy Emoji: ☀

To get copywriting predictions throughout the funnel, you can download the latest Creative Forecast report here.

From the creative predictions above, you can see how AI chose what to put into this blog’s title. You can also probably see ways in which you can still include these parameters, but write a better title. 

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