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Winning Black Friday From Scratch: Tyner Pond Farm

Sharmin Kent November 30, 2017

Sustainable farming is big business here in Indiana. That’s just one of the reasons entrepreneur and tech veteran Chris Baggott founded Tyner Pond Farm, a Hancock County farm where chickens, pigs and cattle are responsibly raised to provide fresh meat to its customers.

And since the holidays are right around the corner, Tyner Pond wanted to boost sales and reach out to potential customers with a Black Friday sale.

The Opportunity

Tyner Pond has a sizable Facebook following, so the company chose to run its Black Friday special exclusively on Facebook, specifically targeting customers and prospects within its 50-mile delivery zone. Since just a quarter of those followers are customers, the goals were to give loyal customers a special and to guide prospects closer to becoming customers.

Tyner Pond turned to Quantifi to help create, launch and monitor its Black Friday ads to experiment with messaging, creative and audiences. The timeline was relatively tight–just 24 hours–but the ads were created and launched within less than a day.

“We thought the process of creating ads would be difficult with such a short timeframe,” said Christi Leininger, vice president of marketing at Tyner Pond Farm. “But it was easy to launch experiments from Quantifi.”

The Process

The setup for Quantifi’s ad experiments is simple:

  • Create audiences for testing
  • Choose creative/images for ads
  • Follow the Quantifi chat flow to set up ads

The Quantifi user interface (UI) guides users through a easy-to-follow chat workflow that helps choose target audiences, pick the best visuals for the ads, and choose the social channels the ads will run on. Having target audiences and a social channel already chosen, ad setup for Tyner Pond was exceptionally fast.

The Results

Tyner Pond Farm’s Facebook ads generated half the sales they took in on Black Friday–a record-breaking day for the company–returning its ad investment more than seven times over. With Quantifi, the company also gathered valuable data on target audience age, gender and device preference, a particularly relevant data point. Thanks to the insight gained with Quantifi, the company now knows its customers prefer mobile interactions over desktop.

The holiday season has just launched and, with coaching from the Quantifi customer experience team, Tyner Pond plans to craft more mobile-friendly ads for its target audiences.

“Now that we’ve seen success with Quantifi’s platform, we plan to use it more,” Christi said. “More promos and specials, regular ads–we can do it all with Quantifi.”

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