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You miss your hairdresser. Don’t miss these covid-19 ad trends.

Ellie Ball April 16, 2020

We all have been trying to color our roots, wax our brows and grow out our manicures at home. 

You’ve seen friends on social media talk about their new at-home beauty regimens. Facebook advertisers have caught on. Using predictive analytics from our latest AI report found that popularity and costs of at-home beauty and grooming products are on the rise! 

Pattern89’s predictive analytics analyzed social ads from 2019’s and 2020’s Spring season to see how coronavirus’ social impact had affected ad creative.

The scissors are in our hands now.

Even though quarantine is keeping us home, we still need to take care of ourselves and our own haircuts. The popularity of social ad imagery for haircuts and scissors have risen since last year. 

  • Haircut imagery rose 337%
  • Scissors imagery increased 36%

But this interest in grooming isn’t new, in fact, ads with the word “grooming” in their copy have remained consistent, in terms of CPC, from last year. 

We’re not going all out.

Staying in means we don’t need a full face of makeup. Manicures are out. Lipstick is too. The popularity of these images has dropped, and their CPC has risen. 

  • Imagery of lipstick dropped 93% in popularity
  • “Makeup” in copy CPC rose 9% 

Not only are advertisers showing fewer makeup products, they’re also less focused on nails. And it’s coming at a cost.

  • Manicure imagery declined 68% 
  • Manicure image CPC increased 156% 

Self-care is still important.

Self-care routines are more popular than ever. With extra free time, people are focused more on taking care of themselves. 

  • It’s not just candles and facemasks, imagery of lotion increased by 289%.
  • With people focusing on staying active, “deodorant” in copy rose 1,381%.  

Predictive analytics can find beautiful data insights.

There’s much more to be discovered, beyond the trends outlined above. AI is helping marketers in all industries take deeper dives into their consumer data every day. No matter what’s happening in the world, taking a further look ad data creates better connections with customers. 

If you’d like to see how AI can help your ads in this uncertain time, you can get a free AI ad audit. It’ll help you discover custom creative insights your marketing needs.