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Your Time Is Too Valuable. Don’t Spend It On A/B Tests.

Bridget Johnston March 25, 2021

A/B tests have long been the standard for determining top-performing creative. 

But SHOULD they be? 

It’s 2021, and as of today, artificial intelligence can predict creative performance before a marketing campaign ever begins. This makes the concept of spending time and money on testing creative out-dated. 

In a world where A/B testing is obsolete… What can– or what should– you be doing instead? 

Stop A/B Testing. Start Saving Money.

Artificial intelligence can predict a campaign’s creative performance… before it ever launches.

How is that even possible? 

By analyzing over 350 billion data points, across 11 years of digital marketing content, A.I. can find patterns in your creative that will engage audiences at any step of your funnel. By analyzing these large datasets of digital marketing trends, Pattern89 can make predictions that will achieve your campaign’s goals… with over 95% accuracy. 

Marketers can now discover their top-performing copy, colors, imagery and video contents, then assemble and launch those ads in a few clicks. The reliability of the 95%+ accuracy ensures that A/B testing won’t be needed… and ultimately, those dollars will be saved.

A.I. Automates Marketing and Saves Your Team Time. 

Why spend the time manually setting up tests, letting your test run, then analyzing their results? 

Your time is more valuable. Use it more wisely! 

Similarly to how predictive A.I. saves marketers money, it also saves them time. Unlocking and maintaining peak campaign performance is easier than ever

For example, our Q1 Product Release saves both creatives and performance marketers hours every week by: 

  • Completing ad optimizations in a click with the Do This For Me Button 
  • Delivering daily alerts of creative issues and opportunities
  • Aligning creative with audiences and placements

What Would You Rather Be Doing? 

The easiest way to quit your A/B tests is by trying artificial intelligence yourself. 

Every day, it can detect the smallest shifts in creative and messaging that your brand needs to implement. To discover what creative is predicted to win for you, both today and tomorrow, sign up for a platform review.