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Meet Marc: A rapper, DJ and school teacher

Marc is a musician, songwriter, DJ and teacher from Indianapolis. He performs as Mr. Kinetik.

  • Inspired by: life experiences, teaching at an Indianapolis public school, musical instincts
  • Music requires: inspiration, skill, empathy and intuition... which only humans can feel, experience and apply

Meet Lynn: A dancer who leads from the heart

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Lynn is the Co-Artistic Director and a dancer at Syren Modern Dance in New York. 

  • Inspired by: what comes from the heart, learning, and connecting with others.
  • Dance requires: change and the processing of emotions. Robots can't experience life events and changes as humans do.

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Meet Zoë: A mixologist inspired by memory

Zoë is a bar supervisor and mixologist at Spoke & Steele in Indianapolis. 

  • Inspired by: engaging the senses, seasonal menus, memories associated with flavor
  • Mixology requires: the ability to taste and adjust drinks, knowledge of classic menus, research, inventiveness, on-the-job learning

Meet Austin: A novelist driven by experience

Austin is author, translator, and teacher in Basel, Switzerland.

  • Inspired by: personal experience, nature, memories, how people interact with the world and one another
  • Writing requires: calling back to feelings and memories from throughout one's life

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