Predict Winning Digital Creative

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One platform for every step of the creative process.

Creative provides the largest opportunity for marketers today.

Pattern89 is the fastest way to understand creative and consumers in real time.


Match consumer to creative.

Understand the why behind creative performance. Base your creative strategy on the drivers of success.

  • Understand creative performance across 49,000+ dimensions
  • Plan the best photo or video shoot
  • Automate creative insights and reporting


Extend your creative lifespan.

Complete your daily personalized to-do list in seconds with automated actions that lift performance.

  • Receive daily scan for creative issues and opportunities
  • Align creative with audience and placement
  • Maximize scale and efficiency


Predict the creative future.

Go beyond A/B tests and educated guesses. Instead, use A.I. to be confident in the creative answer.

  • Know which creative performs
  • Pre-validate every idea
  • Plan with the answers

Our customers are winning more business and getting ahead of their competitors.


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Pattern89 predicts creative performance with artificial intelligence. It's the first AI for marketers, agencies and SaaS platforms who want to know what will work, before spending a dollar.