Let's keep that revenue trendline going up.

Artificial Intelligence

Pattern89’s expansive advertiser data powers the analysis of thousands of ad elements.


Account Health Alerts

Customized tasks instead of vague reports create performance-enhancing action.

Pattern89 helps you maximize results across Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Our AI unlocks the potential for increased ROAS from your paid social strategy. 

Mine your paid social data to find the trends that lead to more successful conversions.
Pattern89 automatically chooses the best campaign actions from thousands of possibilities.
Our proprietary algorithms will optimize your spend by surfacing insights humans can't see.
Dig deep to find the elements of your most successful ads that will guide future success.

Innovative tools you can’t get anywhere else

Pattern89 uses Natural Language Processing to analyze headline and body copy so you can identify the words, phrases and ideas that engage your audiences.

Next-generation image & video analysis

Analysis from Amazon Rekognition API and Google Vision helps guide you toward creative that engages and converts.

Real-time ad performance reporting

Use the Pattern89 console to see comprehensive ad performance at a glance.

Pattern89 helps you work smarter.

Keep up with the ever-changing paid social landscape with smarter campaigns built to achieve your goals.

Smart Insights
Do you struggle to report on the right KPIs across every channel? Pattern89 removes all the guesswork with a smart console packed with metrics that matter.
Real Time Updates
Don’t wait a month to find out if your ads are working. Pattern89 updates your ad results in real-time so you can make real-time decisions.
Expert Recommendations
Pattern89 can suggest new audiences, channels and creative strategies to drive increased ROAS.
Powerful Collaboration
We can work with your in-house team or agency partner to make the most out of the time and resources you have.

Pattern89 was made for marketers like you.

"The best way to determine what’s working is to experiment, and with Pattern89, we can experiment in real-time and make data-backed decisions."
Wendy Mudis
Director of Digital Advertising at LIDS
"Pattern89’s machine learning algorithms are constantly coaching marketers on how to turn their marketing into a science."
Eric Tobias
Partner at High Alpha
“We try to stay ahead of the curve in terms of marketing trends and trying new things. Pattern89 is a lot faster.”
Kristi Lafree Smith
Associate Director of Enrollment Marketing