Pattern89 API

Power every creative decision.

Predictive AI elevates client campaigns for any industry.

Make only the best decisions for your clients.

Seamlessly integrate Pattern89 into your product. The world's largest marketing data set delivers AI-driven insights to understand any audience, for any product, at any time.




Match consumer to creative.

Extend your creative lifespan.

Predict the creative future.

  • Understand performance, with in-depth analysis of 49,000+ dimensions of every piece of creative.
  • Automate highly detailed, client-ready reports in a click, for any client or time period.
  • Plan your best video and photo shoots, with automated creative insights for your brand.
  • Optimize in-flight ads in a click, with real-time, highly accurate alerts.
  • Surface and complete most relevant ad improvements in a click, with the Do This For Me Button. 
  • See the total impact-- from expanded reach to dollars saved-- at any given moment.
  • Predict what works, before spending a dollar on marketing, with 95%+ accuracy.
  • 300 Billion data points lead to accurate predictions and transparent A. I.
  • Eliminate A/B testing with an easy-to-use interface that assembles your best ads. 

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