Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We’ve brought together people from a variety of backgrounds to create the best team in tech.

We love social media. We love tech. We love helping brands get the most out of both. And we’re committed to building the best paid social platform in the world.

  • Kunal Agrawal

    Software Engineer

  • Seth Baughman

    Software Engineer

  • Liz Billman

    Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

  • Matt Brown


  • “We wanted to build the best team. We succeeded.”

  • Jenni Burton

    Account Executive

  • Mark Clerkin

    Data Scientist

  • Jeff Cunning

    VP, Product & Partnerships

  • Clara Doti


  • Brandon Evans

    Digital Marketing Strategist

  • Jamison Hemmert

    Marketing Operations Manager

  • Bridget Johnston

    Marketing Manager

  • Mark Reckard

    Software Engineer

  • Alissa Renz

    Software Engineer

  • Despi Ross

    VP, CX & Marketing

  • Ali Tahir

    Orr Fellow

  • R. J. Talyor


  • James Winans

    Lead Engineer

  • Lucas Winningham

    Software Engineer

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